Thursday, November 9, 2017

Sheila's 2017 Portfolio

This is my watercolor collection from 2017.  I'm selling everything at our Del Webb Craft Craft Show, December 2nd. 

These are my 8x10's

These are my cards, I've painted duplicates of the popular ones. I've made around 40 to sell.

These are Acrylic Framed pictures ranging from 4x6 to 5x7

These are magnetic photo holders (4 individual pics)

Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Fox Squirrel

Our native squirrel down here in Summerfield is the Fox Squirrel. I took these pictures today from the feeder outside my Lanai.

At first glance, he looks like any other Eastern Gray that we are all familiar with....

From wikipedia:  body length:  17.7 to 27.6 in.   tail length:  7.9 to 13.0 in  
So now we have a total length of approx:  25-40 inches.  
I bought a real nice squirrel proof feeder.  He's not getting any feed.  With these guys around I would really be going thru it.  We also have the Eastern Gray squirrel, and the Fox, naturally dominates them.  

Look at his arm!  From Wikipedia:  To help with climbing, they have sharp claws, developed extensors of digits and flexors of forearms, and abdominal musculature

Now he's trying to bribe the gnome into getting him some of that seed...

Settles on a drink, and he's gone on his way.  Tucker lives to catch one, and I fear for him if he does.

A little more info on the Fox Squirrel from wiki:
They are not particularly gregarious or playful, in fact they have been described as solitary and asocial creatures, coming together only in breeding season.[15]They have a large vocabulary, consisting most notably of an assortment of clucking and chucking sounds, not unlike some "game" birds, and they warn the listening world of approaching threats with distress screams. In the spring and fall, groups of fox squirrels clucking and chucking together can make a small ruckus. They also make high-pitched whines during mating. When threatening another fox squirrel, they will stand upright with their tail over their back and flick it.[5]
They are impressive jumpers, easily spanning fifteen feet in horizontal leaps and free-falling twenty feet or more to a soft landing on a limb or trunk.

Monday, September 25, 2017

SeaWorld Park, Orlando, FL

SeaWorld Park

We went to the Park yesterday, and it was our first time.  We had so much fun, with our friends, Barb & Mike Cipolla.  Many good memories.  Here are some pictures.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Cajun Palms RV, Breaux Bridge, LA

We stayed here at Cajun Palms RV in May of 2016.  The post I made can be found here.
1055 N. Barn Road
Breaux Bridge, LA  70517
St. Martin Parish 

Today, I took a few new pictures, but they are not done to describe the layout of the park, they are just random shots.  Refer to the link above for the layout.

The window and front of the coach is just bombarded with "lovebugs".  Yes, there is such a thing.  We have them in Florida, during the right seasons (like now).  This is the 3rd time in a matter of hours, that we washed off the windshield so we could see out of it....

An interior Row, with either pull-thru's or pull-in's on each side.  All roads & sites are concrete

Cajun Palms RV has 298 lots, rentals.  All sites are 30/50 Amp.  This Laundry/Bath House is located in the back corner of the property.

A 5th Wheel & Truck on lot 

Distance between 2 back-in lots.  Sugar Cane growing in the background.

Motorhome & car, and showing distance to the next lot

Interior Roads showing plenty of room to navigate

A lane inside the Campground

Real nice Volleyball area

A covered area next to the pool, in the shade

4 Shower Rooms, poolside

One of the 2 Pools


covered area next to the 2nd Pool