Monday, August 29, 2016

Wytheville KOA, Wythevillle, VA

Wytheville KOA
231 KOA Road
Wytheville, VA  24382

(Below) Road coming up to entrance to the Campground
(Below)  Entrance
Bowling Family Fun Center
Bean Bag Toss, Vollelyball & Basketball hoop
Pavillion with Dog Park in the background
Campgrounds along the perimeter, along the woods with swings and charcoal cookers
(Below):   Cabins along the perimeter
(Below):  Cabins along the perimeter
(Below) Back-in's along the perimeter
All roads and lots are gravel. (Below):  Pull-thru's
(Below) A view of the mountains in the background
(Below)  Pull-thru's along the perimeter
(Below)  Distance between sites, with road in-between
(Below) A typical pull-thru side
(Below)  A large penned area for their goats.  He/She watched me as I watched her/him!!
(Below) I spotted two, could be another in that homestead of theirs!!
(Below)  Just loved this, and had to share.  

Whispering Hills RV Park, Georgetown, KY

Whispering Hills RV Park
257 Rogers Gap Road
Georgetown, KY  40324

Road that leads to entrance to the park:
Below:  Entrance
(Below)  Office
(Below) Roads between lots. All are gravel.
(Below)  Pull-thru's.  All gravel lots.
(Below)  Road between lots
(Below)  Pavillion with pond in the background, with water feature
(Below)  Distance between lots.  Grass and picnic table offered.
(Below) Surrounding views
Surrounding views
Water feature in pond

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sightseeing in Goshen, Nappanee & Shipshewana Indiana

(Below) We observed this Police Booth in the Downtown section of Goshen.  We just had to pull over to take a picture of the plaque.

(Below) This is the North Wood High School in Nappanee.  That is a very large 5th wheel, parked there.  The markings on it states it is the 1st place winners in the ISSMA, Indiana State School Music Association for numerous years.   We're not sure what the tower below is for.  It's located in the middle of their parking lot, with the one lonely seat on top. Could it be a time out chair?  Maybe it's a lookout for gangsters?  
(Below)  This is the Inn we are staying at
(Below) The employee parking lot (bikes on porch) at Lambright Chairs Company

(Below) Tanks carrying Ethanol and what we think might be a base to a windmill.  Many trucks passed thru last week, each carryng one blade to the windmill.  One very huge, long blade.  
(Below) 1st pic:  fields of corn; 2nd pic:  fields of soybeans; 3rd pic: used tractor parts store.
(Below):  Amish school; 2nd pic:  Some extremely large silos'
(Below) A supermarket, teeny tiny bottles of extract, children's outdoor lawn toys on top shelf in back against the wall.  
(Lower left): A dining table that seats 12.  You can see the leaves in the bench.
(Below) Flowers in Shepshewana, Napanee 
(Below) Shipshewana store displays.  
(Below) We met Maggie, and I've never got so close to a Clydesdale.  
That Horsefly below on the flower had to be 1.5 inches long.  

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Shipshewanee, Indiana

Drove over to Shipshewana today.  Here are a few pics we took.

Below:  A extremely old barn
(Below) A series of Murals painted on buildings

(Below) A very old home.  
(Below) I think that's the largest Sunflower I've ever seen!

(Below) It was such a tiny house, I don't think that Hoosier would fit thru the door.